CoinMC Gameplay Rules

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CoinMC Gameplay Rules
Note these rules can be changed at any time and is not limited to only gameplay. It is your responsibility to watch for updates in here and if you did not know about these rules you will still be punished.

Unfair advantage (Blacklisted Modifications):
This includes any use of a hacked client, ghost client, illegal mods, etc. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed.


Armour/Potion/Direction Status HUD
This includes, but is not limited to:
Schematica (Printer is not allowed and will result in punishment)
Tabby Chat
Gamma/Brightness Modifications
Tasty Cannoning Utils/Breadcrumbs Mods
Lighting Fix
Account Manager
Misc. Mods:
These are mods that change cosmetic things (Fonts, music, etc) - Only things that affect client-side

If you have a question about a Mod, or want to know if it's legal, contact an Admin.

Botting, scripting, automated work, ect:
Console clients and OQMineBot are permitted on all realms with the following restrictions in mind. The sole purpose of console clients and OQMineBot should be for AFKing. Anything BUT will be punishable. [If Caught you will receive an Island strike]

Exploiting and Glitching:
If players have not reported a bug, and are abusing it to harm other players' experience or use it for personal gain, this violates our rule. Anything that is considered by the Admin team to be of an "unfair" advantage will be punished. [If Caught you will receive an Island strike]

Use of an Autoclicker/Macro/Modified Mouse:
Usage of any auto clicker/modified mouse/macro is forbidden on all realms. Caught using any form of the above will result in a punishment. Anything that is not considered you physically clicking will be considered an autoclicker (ex. changing buttons on your mouse to your keyboard, leaving a book on your mouse to automate a task.)

Paypal/Buycraft Deals
This is against our server rules. This includes getting value for free or in exchange for Paypal or Buycraft.

Mute & Ban evasion:
Using alt accounts is by all means allowed on our servers, but abusing alt accounts to bypass a mute or a ban is a ban for that account.

Cobble monstering:
Cobble monstering is completely not allowed. This is a bannable offense!

Lag machines:
Machines that cause the server to lag are by all means not allowed.

Freezing MC:
Freezing your Minecraft for PvP is not allowed. This is a bannable offense!

Inappropriate Builds and Art:
This rule refers to builds and art that are and/or can be seen as offensive to other players. For example, a swastika.

Island betraying/insiding:
Island betraying or insiding is classed as someone taking stuff from the island. Once something has been placed or given to the island it is then owned by the island. If someone is caught insiding an island rollback will be provided.

Alt Payouts:
Creating an alternate island is not allowed. The island associated with doing this will receive a punishment depending on the severity of the offence.

AFK Mining:
AFK mining is not allowed. This includes having a weight on your mouse or macro etc. If caught AFK mining you will have your pickaxe removed and will receive a temp ban.

Value Boosting:
Giving value to other islands is not allowed whatsoever. That being said, merging island value is not allowed. If your island would like to merge you should contact a higher up staff to help supervise. [If Caught you will receive an Island strike]

Alt Limit:
You may have no more than 10 alts online at once. Using a VPN to bypass this limit is by all means not allowed. And you will be punished.

Redstone Farms
You are not allowed to use any form of redstone/piston machine to automate farming.

As a player it is your job to make sure you are not getting scammed. Scamming other players is allowed, however, scamming staff or scamming as staff is not allowed. If you are making a big exchange you may get a staff member to middleman for you by making a ticket.

Island Strikes:
This is a punishment directed to an island as a whole. If too many of these strikes are received it will lead to severe punishments for the entire island. Note: This is just an approximate amount and the staff member handling your punishment can increase or decrease it depending on the severity of your punishment

Strike 1: 25% Value Deduction
Strike 2: 50% Value Deducation
Strike 3: All value taken and disqualification from that week of payouts

Having 5 people in an island banned at a time will also give an island strike at the default deduction.
All Punishments will be given out as deem reasonable by the Admin, or Mod. If there is any concern, create an appeal or ticket.
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