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CoinMC presents you all with the latest updates and changes to our Skyblock release! Check out all the changes that are listed below to see what we have to offer this map! Season 3 of Skyblock is unlike any other and we've spent countless hours to ensure you all are satisfied with this reset. We hope to see everyone on to experience this amazing experience and compete for the top prizes! Continue below for an in depth look at what season 3 has to offer!

Release Date

Saturday, July 18th, 3PM EST

Payout information
Each island will be required to set their PayPal address using /is setpaypal <email>
This is used to Payout island’s, automatically, each week.

First Place - $150 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Second Place - $50 PayPal & $30 BuyCraft
Third Place - $25 PayPal & $15 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $30 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $15 Buycraft

Island Information

Island Size: 12 member
Island Rotating: Disabled
Printer: Disabled
Bundles: Enabled (claim in Discord)
Economy: Spawner/Cactus/Event

Mob Pits

This map we're introducing 3 different types of mob pits (similar to sell portals) each one with a different size and sell boost. Each pit can only be used to kill one type of mob. The mob pit will kill the stack of mobs and store balance until collected.



These little guys will follow you around and go mining for you. Every mining trip your minion takes will wear out it's durability but will also bring back some goodies. There is a small chance your minion will get lost on the way back and die.


Island Level

You guys asked for a spawners economy so this is our unique way of delivering it. We've implemented a spawner progression system different from others. Rather than having to level up in order to place the spawner, you have to level up to obtain value blocks from killing mobs. The higher the mob level is the more value you will get from killing it.


Sell Wands

Many of you have been asking for this feature to be added so we've listened. The purpose of these are to make selling easier until you are able to afford a sell portal.


We've completely redone how our KoTH system works. There is now a scoreboard when KoTH is active that will display useful information regarding the event. It will also give a few random crate keys to the person who captures it.

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